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"Joe has a wonderful knack of pulling people together, throwing them in a pot, stirring them up and fantastic things can come from it. I've had the privilege of meeting a lot of the people he's thrown in that pot, and I've had the privilege of doing wonderful things with those people. Some of them have become great friends as a result. I'd just like to salute Joe and say thanks very much." - Richard Branson
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This is not another book with more ideas. You don’t need more ideas. You want “Elegant Ideas”. One Elegant Idea is worth more than a thousand semi-good ideas.

Here’s a snapshot of the 12 Elegant Ideas you’ll receive in the book:
  •  A New Method To Increase Earnings
  •  How To Accelerate Your Success With Entrepreneurial Calluses
  •  Richard Branson’s Best Advice For Saving You Thousands Of Hours (And Lots Of Failure)
  •  The Hidden Gold In Your Business
  •  How To Find The Real Pricing Formula: This Makes You Bulletproof And Eliminates Competitors Who Try To Undercut You
  •  The “Results Only” Framework That Positions You As The Dominant Force In Your Industry
  •  How To Create A Steady Stream Of Sales
  •  Why Selling Yourself Creates Greater Results  
  •  What To Do If You Don’t Like To Write - But Know You Need To Create Content
  •  The Little Known Strategy For Selling More Stuff: People Buy ________________
  •  The Best And Fastest Way To Read A Book And Extract Wisdom In Any Situation
  •  The 5 Part Formula For A Super Successful Event (Nail This And You Reduce The Frustration Of Filling Events)
  •  And Much More...
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